Standard Radiators Pvt. Ltd.  

With the help of industry leading 3D modeling software and from tapping into a vast pool of knowledge accumulated over years of designing Heat Exchangers to meet a wide range of technical specifications, our team of experienced engineers works closely with customers to tailor-design a product that is fit for purpose. Thermal calculations and predictions are supported by our proprietary software.


The design team is capable of designing Heat Exchangers for very demanding applications, and has in the past met challenging targets of achieving performance in hot/humid equatorial environmental conditions. Our extensive portfolio of fin designs, product configurations and product types allows us to cater to our customer's requirements of fit and function. We partner with our OEM customers to design and deliver cooling systems in line with vehicle integration requirements and/or boundary conditions.


Standard Radiator's in-house Product Development Centre and a well equipped Product Testing Laboratory facilitate quick turnaround time.


Our laboratory is equipped to conduct tests like Heat Dissipation using Wind Tunnel, Simultaneous Vibration and Pressure Pulsation Test, Thermal Cycle Test, 3 Dimensional Electrodynamic Vibration Test, Resonance Sweep Test, External as well as Internal Corrosion Test, Hydraulic Pressure Test and Fin, Burst Test and Fin and Tube Bonding Test.

We tap into our vast pool of designing and engineering experience to deliver products that meet customer requirements of fit and function.